For professional individuals and small business owners, seeking advanced planning beyond the tax return, we offer a superior quality of service tailored around you.

Advanced Accounting and Tax Solutions is an accounting practice that blends expert accounting with quality legal and financial input. We are based in Lansdale, Montgomery Co, PA. 

What we Do

Individual & Business Accounting Services

Individual & Corporate Taxes 

We believe that tax planning should focus on present tax mitigation as well as future planning. By taking the time to understand your income sources, your goals and objectives, and your future vision, we provide planning and tax preparation services that protect your wealth and support your long-term growth.

Going Beyond Accounting

There is more that impacts your bottom line than just accounting. Here at Advanced Accounting and Tax Solutions, we gather information on how your finances, personal life and business come together to impact your financials and ultimately your tax return.

Business Services

A business owner has a plethora of issues to deal with on any given day. We offer a solution to alleviate some of the burdens so that you can have more time to spend with your family and to create peace of mind for you.


Why Use Our Services ?

Advanced provide a boutique personalised accountancy service focused on ensuring that business owners, professionals and their families retain and grow their wealth by benefiting from the many financial rules and regulations that facilitate lower taxation rates.

Advanced Planning

The goal of an accountant is to mitigate as many taxable events as possible. Advanced planning combines your accounting, finances and many other aspects of your life to plan to decrease your current and future taxes.


We do the work for you, so you don’t have to think about it.  I go above and beyond to service my clients. An example of this is reminding clients before important deadlines come up such as estimated payment deadlines so that you have peace of mind that your accounting will be taken care of while you juggle your day to day life.


Clarity is extremely important to make sure the accountant and client understand each other. Over communication is preferred to ensure you are satisfied with our team at Advanced.

We provide personal Chief Financial Officer concierge service to help you protect your families wealth, reduce taxes and deal with financial complexity. 

About Advanced Accounting and tax solutions

About Our Accountancy Firm 

Advanced Mission

Provide the highest quality concierge accounting services with advanced planning that bridges the gap between lawyers and financial advisors while delivering maximum added value and savings to our clients.

Advanced Purpose  

Advanced Accounting and Tax Solutions was formed to help people protect their families and provide valuable help, financial, legal and wealth protection.

Quality Expert Advice

“Our practice will not grow above 50 clients. The average accountant has between 200 – 300 clients. Having a small number of clients allows our team and to provide the high quality service required”

About Matthew Handwerk

About Matthew Handwerk

Qualified Accountant Lansdale, PA

Advanced Accounting and Tax Solutions, LLC is led by Matt Handwerk an experienced accounting professional with an Enrolled Agent license.  Matt is a MBA  gratuated from Lehigh University.  Matt is also a graduate of Penn State university where he studied business administration and accounting. Also,  As important, Matt has qualified for the prestigious QuickBooks Pro Advisor designation.

Advanced Accounting and Tax Solutions (Advats) provides a level of service in its tailored approach to our clients tax and accounting needs that larger firms can not replicate.

Top Accountants in Lansdale

As a small engineering business owner we appreciate all the help Matt has provided to us. From questions about payroll and bookkeeping to actively help us see ways of saving on taxes, he communicates well and promptly. He really has been a great addition to the team it takes to run a small business. I would recommend him without question.”

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“We’ve worked with Matt successfully for years and we’re very happy with the results.  He’s a great communicator and he’s always knowledgeable about tax-affecting issues that are relevant to us.  The really wonderful thing about Matt is that he can communicate his expert ideas in plain english and help us make good decisions!  His costs and reasonable and there’s no question that his good advice is worth paying for!.”

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Our firm is constantly on top of new regulations, mandates and changes that impact our clients wealth. We value constant learning and research in every aspect of our business. By being on the ball, we can find areas for tax mitigation through estate planning and charitable gifts. In addition, we can suggest asset protection strategies which will reduce the possibility of unjust litigation and loss of assets.

Meticulous about detail – When small checkbox errors can cost tens of thousands of dollars, you can be comfortable that our team is double and triple checking your return in detail. 

A boutique personalised accounting service –  A small firm that genuinely acts in your interest to help you protect and provide for your family. 

Mitigation of your risks  – Any client, is at the risk of losing everything due to unjust litigation, we help you mitigate those risks so you can protect your family and their assets.  We also provide specific advice requiring enrolled agent credentials for multi state tax issues and sage advice on your crypto currency holdings and how they relate to your tax liabilities.  

Wealth Transfer – We help you to protect your legacy by ensuring your estate plan reflects your current wishes and can not be obtained nefariously by an ex-partner, business associate or creditor. Too many families do not have an up to date estate plan which can cause not only financial but also personal issues like end of life wishes.

Charitable Gifting – Reduce your taxes by giving to your chosen charities that share your values and are impacting positive change. Most people give cash to charity, but there are many other ways to reduce your taxes and increase your gifting amount to charity.

Business Support – Everything from cash flow planning to assisting you in defining your in house accountancy processes. In short, we can help you increase profitability, decrease costs and increase cash flow. 


Physicians must manage many tasks and delegate the important ones to their trusted professionals.
Because we specialize in taxation for physicians, we know the main points that affect the common physician.

Instead of worrying about your accounting not being done correctly, why not trust it to an accountant who has dealt with physicians before?

We understand the nuances that can come up, and we will ask questions to ensure we capture all the tax deductions we can.


Finding an experienced accountant that can go beyond getting your tax return done might be challenging but necessary to secure your financial plan and achieve your long-term goals.

Taxation and financial management are both complex and challenging.
We have the knowledge and experience dealing with physicians to understand the tax vary liabilities that might arise during your career; to help you avoid making costly errors.


Physicians are busy individuals focused on work taking care of their patients. Leave the complex accounting concerns to us and trust that it will be done correctly.

Because we know that having an accountant who will look out and ask the right questions to maximize your refund is hard to come by, we are an accounting firm that will ask questions to maximize your refund and take additional tax deductions. We make sure also to review your employee benefits package or talk about your 457(b), 403 (b), or 401(k) to make sure you are maximizing your return plan options.

Quickbooks Accountant Lansdale PA

Certified Intuit QuickBooks Pro-Advisor® in PA

Advanced Tax and Accounting Solutions is one of the few certified QuickBooks Pro Advisors® in the state of Pennsylvania. We assist you with implementing, maintaining and structuring your accounting processes. Improved and more reliable cost and profit information allows you to make better business decisions. If you are using any of the following platforms and are having problems or need help and support we are here for you.  


  • QuickBooks Desktop® 
  • QuickBooks Online®
  • QuickBooks Payroll®

Whether you have QuickBooks® questions, are new to using QuickBooks® or want to automate your QuickBooks®, I am here to help as a Certified Pro Advisor®. I can help your business save time and provide up to date information by speeding up tedious bookkeeping process, providing income and expenses by project and allow you to run the accounting for your business with one platform. Services offered include:

  • Review

  • Setup

  • Training

  • Automation

  • Developing procedures

  • General Help and Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question for Matt?

Can you help me reduce my taxes?

Our goal is to mitigate as many taxable events as possible. Advanced planning combines your accounting, finances and many other aspects of your life to plan to decrease your current and future taxes and liabilities. 

Can you help me with an IRS Tax Audit ?

Yes we can. If you received an audit letter from the IRS, our team is able to communicate with the IRS to ensure that you and your business are compliant and to help you negotiate the best possible result for your personal circumstances. 

Will I just be another tax return?

Our team only provides high quality and detailed services to a limited number of clients, ensuring that each client receives a through review of their unique personal circumstances. 

Why pay for a premium service?

More time and care dedicated to your returns resulting in greater savings.  We offer better service levels and better execution than the majority of our competitors that operate on scale. We work with affluent families and are conversant with the issues and opportunities which come with affluence.  We are a Lansdale accountant serving all of Montgomery County, PA. 

Why am I being audited by the IRS?

There could be many reasons. One of our clients thought her previous accountant wasn’t preparing her tax return correctly after she was audited by the IRS.  Matt at Advats reviewed the tax returns to discover that the entire business structure had been incorrect for several years.

Matt spent the time to go back and amend past tax returns, which saved the client roughly $10,000. This is because Advats took the time to review the tax return and ask the right questions the client’s unique circumstances.

What areas do you serve?

Matt Handwerk with Advanced Accounting and Tax Solutions provides accountancy and advanced planning in

Lansdale, Harleysville, Skippack, Cedars, Kulpsville, Collegeville, Trappe, North Wales, King of Prussia, Fort Washington, Blue Bell, Plymouth Meeting, Conshohocken, Ambler, Horsham, Willow Grove, Abington, Warminster, Spring House, Warrington, Chalfont, New Britain, Doylestown, Souderton, Telford and the surrounding community.

Why do I need a professional accountant to submit my tax return?

 Our client, an executive at an international company did his taxes himself using TurboTax. By identifying a simple checkbox oversight on the return, Advanced was able to save him over $5,000. These types of issues can happen to anyone, which is why it’s always a good idea to have a professional company prepare your tax return.

Is it true that a good accountant saves you money?

Yes.  For example, our client is developing his own technology and started a company. Advats helped him set up the business and saved him over $5,000 in taxes by capturing expenses and utilizing his business to put money away for retirement.

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To help us best serve your inquiry, we recommend that you first describe the issue you’re having and telling me what you want to achieve. You may also email or call me to make an appointment.

Complimentary initial consultations are provided by Advanced Accounting and Tax Solutions to discuss the scope of your project. We are a Lansdale accountant servicing all of Montgomery County, PA. and Greater Philadelphia.  

Our general response time is just one business day.

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